L’Ermitage Rosé 2009

L’Ermitage Rosé 2009

L’Ermitage Rosé is Roederer Estate's first-ever special Tête de Cuvée Rosé. As in Champagne, L’Ermitage is made only in an exceptional year of pre-selected grapes that come from the very best lots of Roederer Estate's own 580 acres of vineyards.


Roederer Estate wines are made with juice from just the cuvée, i.e. the first pressing of the grapes; no première or deuxième taille is used. The concept of the vintage L’Ermitage is the same one that is used in Champagne: Only the best of the vintage is selected. These are exceptional wines that create a noble (special) blend, which allows for longer aging and produces a fine wine with elegance and finesse. Four members of the blending team include winemakers from Champagne Louis Roederer and Roederer Estate, together totaling over 130 years of experience with Roederer. The rosé blend is crafted using a small fraction of red wine, from Pinot Noir grown on the Estate, especially made for this purpose using Burgundian maceration technique that allows skin contact to extract color and aromas. This red wine brings delicate berry flavors and a nice color to further extend the L’Ermitage smoothness and subtleties - allowing for a unique tasting experience.

Tasting Notes

Very delicate salmon colors are the trademark of the L’’Ermitage Rosé. The aromatics are of peach pie and clove spices. Mouthfeel is full of energy with bright acid and cranberry notes, a mid-palate width brought by the pinot noir and the creaminess from the 7 years of aging on the yeasts. The finish is long and delicate with layers of fruit and spices.

Technical Information

Anderson Valley
50.2% Chardonnay, 49.8% Pinot Noir
Wine Alcohol:
pH Level:
10 g/l
Number of Cases Produced:
Suggested Retail Price:

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